Kanha is one of the finest reserves, jungle that inspired Rudyard Kipling’s epic “Jungle book”, serene wilderness of Tiger country. Home to amazing variety of animals in different habitat. Kanha National Park stands brilliantly in a group of few reserves of gene pool of Indian Flora and Fauna.
Rich tree cover interspersed with open grasslands allows for a rich animal population density, stretching over 943 sq.km.(363 sq miles).Its forests retain a grandeur of wilderness rarely found elsewhere and is unparalleled with its variety of mammals and birds. It is one of the most well maintained national parks in the world and a major attraction for wildlife lovers all over the world.
The park has been in the forefront of efforts to save Tigers and its habitat nearly for a quarter of a century, as one of the original nine reserves developed and planned under “Project Tiger”. Project Tiger has yielded remarkable results, from around 48 Tigers at the beginning of the project tiger, Kanha now boasts of having around 100 Tigers, making it the best place in the world to see tiger.
Kanha National Park also happens to be the sole habitat of the rare hard ground Barasingha or swamp deer (Cervus durauceli branderi).

LOCATION: Kanha National Park is situated to South-West of Jabalpur, in the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. Area of the park lies between longitude 89”-32’ to 89”-45’E and latitude 22”-13’ to 22”-27’N.It lies in the eastern segment of Satpura in the Maikal range, in an elevation range of 1480 to 2950 feet above mean sea level.
TEMPERATURE:Kanha has a distinct monsoon type climate. In summer temperature ranges from 43*C to 11*Cmin. and in winters it ranges from 29*C to -2*C min.

RAINFALL: Late June to late September.
FORESTS: Forests are mainly Sal(shorea robusta) and mixed deciduous. The largest herbivore here is Indian wild ox or gaur(bos gaurus) commonly known as Indian Bison.Sambar (cervus unicolor) is the largest Indian deer, usually found singly.
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As the number of vehicles permitted in the park is restricted, so to ensure that you have access to the park; we advise that park safaris are booked well in advance, at the time of booking your accommodation.
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As per government rules once the park tickets have been issued, the names of the persons cannot be changed. The ticket amount is non refundable. Tickets are issued only after supplying the necessary information required by the government. Following information is required for park entry tickets-
Name/Father's name/Age & sex/City & Country of residence/Id Proof (passport/driving license/pan card/voter id/employee card/student card), these documents are required to be carried at the time of safari.
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Bicycle rides, guided nature trails and tribal cultural program are now available.
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