General Information &Do's and Don’ts

  1. Credit cards are not accepted at the resort
  2. Unless you are eating at the best resorts, avoid raw vegetables, salads, raw fish, local ice cream etc.
  3. Drink only bottled or purified water.
  4. You should bring a first aid kit, and medicines, if any, prescribed by your doctor.
  5.  It is advised to use sun protection lotion, hat, insect repellent, and sun glasses.
  6.  You should bring your cameras and binoculars, with sufficient films and batteries.
  7. Park is open from 1st October  to 30th June, Vehicular excursions and elephant rides are permitted only in day light.
  8. Summers in kanha -(March to June) casual clothing with natural colors’, sun glasses and hats.
  9. Winters in kanha -(October to February) sufficient warm clothing, hand gloves, sun glasses and hats are advisable.
  10. Abide by park rules.
  11. Try to blend with the surroundings.  Do not blow horn, play music, or make loud noises.
  12. Keep strictly to the road.
  13. Obtain entrance permission before entering the park.
  14. Don’t enter inside the park with arms/ explosives/crackers.
  15. Do not carry any inflammable item with you during park safari.
  16. Officially authorized guide is essential to take during game drive.
  17. Do not carry any kind of radio or musical item with you during game drive.
  18. Dismounting & eating during park safari is strictly not allowed.
  19. Carry sufficient drinking water with you during park safari.
  20. Do not offer any eatable item to birds or animals.
  21. Do not chase or tease any animal or bird.
  22. Wait for your turn to elephant ride and follow instructions of mahouts.
  23. Do not offer money or gift to mahout or any other employee for any violation of rule.
  24. Don’t carry any forest property with you on game drives as it will be considered criminal offence.
  25. Let the animal cross the road first as they have first right in forest area.
  26. Smoking or littering inside the park is strictly forbidden.
  27. Keep all of your senses open during park safari and avoid loud conversation.
  28. Follow park safari time table strictly.
Nature's Nest
As the number of vehicles permitted in the park is restricted, so to ensure that you have access to the park; we advise that park safaris are booked well in advance, at the time of booking your accommodation.
Nature's Nest
As per government rules once the park tickets have been issued, the names of the persons cannot be changed. The ticket amount is non refundable. Tickets are issued only after supplying the necessary information required by the government. Following information is required for park entry tickets-
Name/Father's name/Age & sex/City & Country of residence/Id Proof (passport/driving license/pan card/voter id/employee card/student card), these documents are required to be carried at the time of safari.
Nature's Nest
Bicycle rides, guided nature trails and tribal cultural program are now available.
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