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Snuggled in the very hub of Jabalpur city, in the close proximity to railway station landmarks one of the finest eco friendly hotels. A spectacular exterior in the true tradition of modern architecture beckons the discerning traveler for its outstanding luxury and service.

Prestige princess is situated in the most prime location of Jabalpur, 16 kms away from the dumna airport,1 km from railway station & easily accessible from the central bus station as well. The front view of the hotel has an elaborate most modern imported structure glazing to enable the building to maintain a beautiful exterior.

The giant lobby has lavish interiors without any column. The white marble flooring along with expensive décor creates magical effect, which immediately make you feel elevated. The décor of the lobby is further enhanced with use of capsule elevator.
Prestige Princess Jabalpur



Email: hprestigeprincess@rediffmail.com
Web: www.prestigehotels.in